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This record contains music we have created within the confines of our own homes, using instruments we had at hand. We don't know how to use many of them properly, and thus, what you are about to listen to is a collection of small but happy discoveries, the fragments which remain after all the rest has been discarded.

Goodnight Moon was originally imagined as a record of lullabies for a child not yet born. Despite our initial clarity of intent, the path we took was a wandering one, and we have lost our way, ending up somewhere we had not imagined. This is not a new occurence for us: It seems integral to our internal dynamic, and strangely fitting to this period of uncertanty.

Indeed, any illusion of control over our lives has suddenly disappeared for all of us: We can no longer look to our parents to protect us, nor can we as parents guarantee security to our children. It is difficult to see where this will end - only time will tell.

In the meantime, we offer you this thing born from our own confinement in the hopes that hearing it will comfort you, just as creating it has comforted us.