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On January 26, 2020, we closed Ghost Horse's winter CD-release tour with a concert at legendary underground venue Area Sismica in central Italy, a mecca for lovers of genre-agnostic music for the last several decades. We were excited to play such an important room, and conditions were perfect: the club was packed, and the band was primed for action following a string of successful concerts presenting Trojan.


The concert was an unusually violent cathartic experience, helped by the enthusiastic energy returning to the stage from the audience. It was a fitting end to the tour and - unbeknownst to us - would be our last concert before Italy was hit by COVID lockdowns in March. As usual, we recorded the concert using a small digital recorder for our archives.


A few months ago while digging through our files, we unearthed the concert recording and had a listen. The energy in the room was palpable, and the mid-fi room recording perfectly captures what you might have heard if you were sitting in the front row that night. We are happy to announce that on October 29th we will be releasing this concert on our first LP, 'Live At Area Sismica' on black 12" vinyl for Hora Records, a new artist-run record label based in Italy.