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Listeners of Sons of Kemet or Fire! Orchestra will find plenty to sink their teeth into on Ghost Horse's third LP 'Il Bene Comune', with its pulsing layers of brass and baritone guitar balanced precariously over relentlessly asymmetric drum and percussion grooves.

Sprouting from a rich humus of Latin and African polyrhythms, Ghost Horse generates a dark and mysterious ecosystem, digesting, decomposing and recombining elements of free jazz, hip hop, blues and loop music. The result is something fascinating but quietly menacing, pulsing and breathing with the visceral force of nature reclaiming abandoned structures.





Dan Kinzelman – Tenor Sax & Bass Clarinet

Filippo Vignato – Trombone

Glauco Benedetti – Tuba & Euphonium

Gabrio Baldacci – Baritone Guitar

Joe Rehmer – Bass

Stefano Tamborrino – Drums

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