New York City Jazz Record - Best of 2018 ('Helm' - Honorable Mention)

Musica Jazz - Best of 2018 (Best Group and Best Record 'Helm')

Il Giornale della Musica - Best 20 Records of 2018 (Helm)

Allaboutjazz - Best of 2018

'I expected much, and I got even more: telepathic interplay, languid and subtle jazz with shadings of pop (including a delicious version of Nick Drake’s ‘Three Hours’), burning accelerandos, startling interpretive choices. And an unbelievable unity, something essential and pure in the group sound which was a simple joy to hear. Hobby Horse is among the very best that Italy has to offer." - Luca Canini, Allaboutjazz.

‘What makes Hobby Horse one of the most exciting groups in jazz is their wildly unpredictable creative volatility combined with their sure sense of form. Moment to moment, they might whisper lyric lullabies or unleash the hounds of hell, always driven by purpose.’ --Thomas Conrad, JazzTimes, Stereophile

‘...on ‘Helm’, Hobby Horse brilliantly balances a veritable cornucopia of creative possibilities, thanks to intelligent production choices and a subtle but detailed musical dialog.’ - Federico Savini, Blow Up

‘‘Helm’ is richly layered: Unpredictable and sometimes startling as it alternates between violence and calm; brimming with the unique voices of each musician, and aglow with the collective joy of improvisation.’ - Simone Felici, Ondarock

‘Informed and attentive listeners have long recognized Hobby Horse as one of the most interesting projects in the Italian scene...with ‘Helm,’ Hobby Horse again sets itself apart from the pack. This is a band that manages to be immediately recognizable while at the same time never repeating itself.’ - Vincenzo Roggero, Allaboutjazz Italia

‘...extremely original and unpredictable, sophisticated and powerfully of the most intriguing and unique groups on the Italian scene.’ - Neri Pollastri, Allaboutjazz Italia

‘...each door opens onto a different universe: enchanted or terrifying, schizophrenic or delicately balanced, each time it takes you by surprise.’ - Giovanni Cetorelli, DHIDM